Rationally Crazy: Mindset of a Fan

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Reporter: Brittany Del Barba

The guy five seats away…face painted with a big foam finger…going crazy with every point scored.
Sometimes watching fan behavior during a game is almost as fun as the game itself according to Western Kentucky psychology professor Rick Grieve.

Sport fan identification is the psychological connection with a team and how the team influences a persons reactions to the game while dealing with the outcome.

“You have both the internal personality and then you have your social personality and attachment to a group really influences our social personality.” Said psychology professor Rick Grieve. “An attachment to a sports team is an attachment to a group so there is a little feedback there between the team outcome and my own sense of self or self esteem...

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Digging into the game: WKU Volleyball

Category: MiscellaneousVolleyballWKU Sports
Reporter: Josh Holland

WKU Volleyball head coach Travis Hudson took to the locker room to break down film. He detailed different techniques the team uses, how they follow the scouting report during the game and how lineups can dictate assignments. The Lady Topper Volleyball team is in Hattiesburg, MS for the Conference USA Tournament.

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Golden Flight: Delivering a game ball

Category: FootballWKU Sports
Reporter: Josh Holland

WKU President Gary Ransdell delivered the game ball for the Hilltoppers’ match up with Army in an unusual fashion. Take a ride with Dr. Ransdell and the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team.




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20 Years of Hudson

Category: VolleyballWKU Sports
Reporter: davidholloway

Coach Travis Hudson finishes off another season of WKU volleyball, but its not just any season. Reporter David Holloway talks to Coach Hudson about his 20th season as the Lady Toppers Head Coach.



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Carry on my Coaching Son

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Reporter: willpuckett

Former WKU Quarterback Brandon Smith has lead his South Warren Spartans to an Undefeated record in his first season as head coach.

Extra Point reporter Will Puckett goes in depth into how Brandon is driven by his best friend and dad, Chuck Smith.

Brandon Smith knew form the beginning of his Hilltopper career that after his time on the hill he would trade his helmet in for a whistle.

“When I went on to college I watched the coaches more so than the average player.” Brandon said, “how they react how they do things.”

Smith is now the head coach at South Warren High School. However, it’s the shadow of where he comes from that shapes how he runs his new unit.

“I probably add more pressure on myself than outside people do...

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Friendly Fire: Snipes & Simmons reunite on the court

Category: Men's BasketballWKU Sports
Reporter: Elliott Pratt

Nigel Snipes and K.K. Simmons grew up playing basketball together in Georgia. On Nov. 10, they reunited on the court in an exhibition match between Western Kentucky and Pikeville.

In the grand scheme of things, exhibition games are meaningless – a simple competition to prepare teams for the upcoming basketball season. When Western Kentucky and Pikeville met in Diddle Arena Nov. 10, it was a game redshirt junior forward Nigel Snipes had looked forward for quite a while.
Pikeville guard K.K Simmons and Snipes have played basketball together since high school in Georgia, both of them playing and graduating from Wheeler High School in 2011.

That was three years ago. Nov. 10 marked the first time the two friends have played on the court together since...

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Cam Thomas: Leading from outside the numbers

Category: FootballWKU Sports
Reporter: Josh Holland

There are a few traditional leadership positions on the football field. Coaches, quarterbacks and even middle linebackers all are at places on the field that allow them to be a part of every play. But, one Hilltopper senior isn’t letting his location on the field affect his impact on the team.

Cam Thomas on the the field and Cam Thomas off of the field share a similar energy.

“I just make sure that the leadership role of my game is just the same as how I live my life and that’s what I have been doing for the past four years.” Thomas said. “I have my serious moments but, at the same time, I love to keep the guys smiling. I keep a smile on my face and I make sure that this is fun for us. We don’t want it to become to the point where it’s just like ‘we gotta do this...

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