Registering for Classes


By Hannah Shaffer

Registering for classes is the one reason most students on campus will voluntarily wake up at 5:00 in the morning. Students want to ensure they will get a spot in the class before it fills up.

This year, classes filling up were not every students’ greatest concern. This year, many students had to wonder if the classes they wanted to take to fill electives for their major or other elective credits would be offered this year.

Social Work major Kirsten Swikert, a junior from Louisville, Kentucky, realized that she may not be able to take the classes she needs to complete her major on time.

“I mapped out all the classes I needed until the end of college,” Swikert said, “there were maybe five or six electives that looked like they would be interesting and when I went on TopNet to see when they were offered, they didn’t exist.”

Budget cuts have cause WKU to close University College and to relocate majors within that college to other colleges as much as possible, so the change is not unexpected.

“I didn’t realize what a big difference these budget cuts would make,” Swikert said. “I knew they would cause a change but I guess I didn’t think they would affect me.”

Swikert said she has registered for classes that she doesn’t need in order to fill her elective requirements and she is hoping that electives towards her major will become available next Spring.

With the amount of budget cuts WKU is putting into place, it’s no surprise that classes are being cut. The real question is, will the requirements for some majors change since there are not enough professors to teach every class?

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