Bowling Green Event Reminds Us that Art is What You Make It



Despite its many interpretations, art is what you make it and this Bowling Green event was no stranger to unique creations.

It’s a hot afternoon and sparks are flying as local artists gather on the grounds of WKU’s south lawn.

Whether it is wood or steel, leather or gunpowder, these artists have learned the tools of their trade.

However, with every unique skill, also comes a story as in the case of rustic revival founder Ryan Davis.

“When I was a kid I wrecked a motorcycle and broke a couple bones and my brother pressured me into gettin a tattoo so i got these… the symbol, the phoenix rising from the ash kinda thing and uh, it kinda fell in with what I was doin with the reclaiming and uh, bringing new life to old wood.”

Bowling green held its first mini maker faire showcasing creative works from a variety of disciplines.

“If you’re feeling threatened with finals week being just around the corner, here at the mini maker faire, you can try on your very own suit of armor.”

From woodworking to coal forging, the faire allowed makers to not only share their work with the public, but also demonstrate the craftsmanship behind each piece.

“You can go to Walmart and get a set of spoons for four bucks but a machine pumped it out in a faraway land and what I’m doin is unique, it’s one of a kind, it’s quality. You know walnut, cherry… uh, you know, it’s going to last a lifetime.”

Still, some people look down on art.

“I think it really shows that bowling green is a place where art can thrive and where art can be something cool and legitimate.”

Dedicated tinkerers like Davis remind the bowling green community that your hobby can carve your future.

Bowling Green’s second annual mini maker faire is set for April 2019.

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