Textbook For Troops


With servicemen and women fighting for our country overseas and at home, many still wish to further their education. However, there are many challenges to accomplishing this goal such as limited resources. Since 2011, Western Kentucky University has offered a “Textbook for Troops” program that provides textbooks for those in the military that may not have the resources to obtain textbooks.

For those who want to donate to the program can do so, whether it be, monetary or a physical textbook donation. Monetary donations can be given at the Military Services office located in Tate Page Hall, Room 408. Textbook donations can be given at either the Military Services office or the two “Textbook for Troops” dropbox located in Jody Richards Hall and Cherry Hall.

Even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact on those who fight for our country.

To see if you are eligible to participate in this program, fill out the form located on “Textbook for Troops” webpage.

The full story can be viewed here.



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