Overcoming Senioritis


As graduation approaches students are struggling to fight against the feeling of senioritis.

Senioritis is a lack of motivation students get as they work to complete their final school year.

Western Kentucky University senior Audrey Brown said instead of completing assignments she spends her time playing video games or watching YouTube.

“I am still putting off assignments but last week I skipped a few classes. I haven’t been doing my assignments like I have, and I keep rejoicing when they push back the assignment.”

Brown said she is stressed about starting life after college and finding her first job.

Educational Psychology Assistant Professor Meghan Bankhead said she encourages students to set goals daily or weekly to help prevent stress of a long-term goal.

“One setting small manageable goals is important so you have something to look forward to that you can accomplish in the immediate future and then accomplishing that energizes you.”

Bankhead suggests students create small plans that make their larger goals obtainable like going to career services to get resume help.

While obtaining each degree Bankhead said she has gotten senioritis by focusing on life after graduation.

She recommends students appreciate college and the freedom that being in school brings.

“It’s important to appreciate where you are in life. Especially as a college senior that’s not quite the real world yet and you’re going to have plenty of time in the real world,” Bankhead said.





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