Fourth Annual Dance Big Red


By: Amanda Baldwin

It’s not just a night of dancing, the fourth annual Dance Big Red brings together the community and student body, all for a good cause.


Dance Big Red is a twelve hour dance marathon that raises money for Norton Children’s hospital.

The money goes specifically towards Adolescent cancer care and pediatric heart research.

Participants raise money prior to the event, then they stand on their feet for 12 hours and dance throughout the night.


Overall Co-Chair Justin Downey, a Louisville native wants a way to give back to the Hospital that is in his hometown in a fun way,

“Dancing is difficult for a lot of people which is why we started the motto “bad dancing saves lives”, so its encouraging for people. It is just a fun night, 12 hours, do something representing the hours that hospital surgeons and doctors standing on their feet the whole time.”


Patients and their families share their stories, and encourage all of the dancers to keep going throughout the night.


At the top of every hour, the dancers are taught smaller pieces of the dance, that they put together to form the 12 minute dance.

This is Senior Heather Duke’s fourth year working with Dance Big Red, having a different job each year.


“I have been in charge of creating the dance and mostly keeping spirits up throughout the event, trying to keep everyone excited and standing.”


The night might be exhausting for participants, but the whole reason for the event is the kids.

Senior, Daniel Correll’s personal experience at a hospital similar to Norton’s gives him motivation to keep dancing.

“You meet these kids that leave a lasting impact on you so you have to continue to do it so they can live good lives and achieve normal lives”

Justin Downey said “this gives them a taste of the real world, it lets them see that life is more than just a hospital room, it lets the families get out of the hospitals, it lets them see that they are not alone.”


After the twleve hours of dancing, the overall total was revealed, $73,067.84.


Also involved in Dance Big Red were five local high schools that held Dance Little Reds through the year which are similar events but smaller.


You can find more information about being on the Executive Board or on a Committee for next year through their Twitter @DanceBigRed

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