Western Kentucky University History Professor Running for a Political Position in Kentucky

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Photo provided by Patti Minter
By: Brendan Ward

           Western Kentucky University History Professor and former faculty regent on the board of regents, Patti Minter is running for 20th district house seat in Kentucky after representative Jody Richards announced he would not be seeking re-election after holding the seat for 42 years.

Patti Minter was hired at W K U in 1993 and has been a professor of American Legal Studies for 24 years. She said “When I was hired in 1993, This was the only job in my field, which is American legal history. So, I was excited to get this job. She created the American legal studies classes and been advising students since 1996”.


Not only has she been a professor here at W K U, She has been in many leadership positions while being a full time professor as well, ” I was the first chair of the  brand new university senate in 2000-2001, which was a great honor and a lot of work, we had a lot of issues involving employee insurance benefits at that point, and anytime you create a new body you have set up the committee structure, you have to make sure that everything runs well, so that was challenging but very rewarding, and I continued to serve on the university benefits committee from 2000- 2011, and in 2007 I ran to be W K U’S faculty regent, which is the faculty voice on the board of regents. I served for 7 years in that position”.


Minter believes the Kentucky legislator will be switching from majority republican to majority democrats during the November elections.  ” Well I’m not sure that we are going to be the minority after the November, because I think people are very angry about the bad budget, I think people are angry about the pension bill, their very angry about the tax cut that was passed for wealthy people, none of that’s okay. So, I’m not at all sure that democrats will be the minority party after November the 6th”.


There are currently 40 educators running for Kentucky legislator positions, according to Kentucky Education Association. Minter believes this is the time for educators to step up into political positions, ” What I’m very hopeful about is that the landscape in Frankfort will be different next year. I believe, there are 40 teachers running, 40 educators running for political office, if only half of us win we will change the conversation in Frankfort, but if all of us win, boy would we change Kentucky”.


On May 22nd the democratic primaries for house district 20 in Bowling Green will be happening.



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