Why Votes Matter


Not only is she arriving early for this community gathering, Bowling Green resident Barbra Pollock believes in arriving early to the polls.

With growing concern for voter turnout rates from all populations, Barbra seeks to mobilize others through education and advocacy.

“We have a voice, and uh, we have to utilize that, tha… that voice. And we do that by coming out to vote. We do that by, um, like I said holding… more than ever so important to hold our elected officials accountable.”

Pollock joins black leaders advocating for the community for “Black Votes Matter” where local residents and various organizations network to create strategies for increasing voter participation.

BLAC coordinator Chasity Dunn says the network of representatives is planning additional community events to further lay the foundation for a healthy democracy.

“We’re gonna have a meet-n-greet with one of the candidates. Um, we’re also gonna have voter registrations, some voter drives, and within the local, um, barber shops and hair salons and other, um, areas within our community just to get the word out and get people to register to vote.”

A question is now raised as to whether those registered will cast their vote in Bowling Green’s upcoming primary or wait until the next general election.

Barbra reminds us that the minor elections, our grass roots, are the basis for sewing the seed of change.

“This is where it starts and our school boards, our, our, uh, our commissioners, our councilmen… I mean all of those, uh, elected officials are important to us and we should vote, exercise our vote, and vote for the person that we think that would represent us best.”







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