New Works Festival


By: Amanda Baldwin

The Theatre and Dance Department at WKU hardly ever skips a beat when It comes to working on new shows and performances.

The New works festival had another successful run for this spring.

The festival is a weekend of shows that takes place every two years and includes a variety of performances from burlesque style to horror.

Senior Roommates, Sabrina Sieg and Raegan Stovenour worked together, writing and preforming on some of the pieces in the show.

Raegan said “it’s a really cool festival where students can create their own work, see it on stage preformed by their peers and get feedback as well by their peers and professors and everyone else.”

Students are able to write, direct and preform. The performances are written to include all types of performers.

Raegan said “we cast with the strong idea to make sure we had a diverse group of performers in terms of body type, race, ethnicity, sex, gender. We wanted to make sure that everyone was represented in some way.”

Raegan and Sabrina said it was important with what they wanted to say for the burlesque style piece that they wrote. They also gave creative freedom to their actors and actresses to imagine up their own characters.

Reagan and Sabrina also created their own identities inspired by famous women and characters.

The theatre and dance department likes to showcase the individuality of performers as they take on a new role. They also cater to students and take into account the education that each student wants for themselves.

Students are able to work with professors to create classes and design a program that aligns with what they want to do and learn.

Sabrina said “if you don’t like what you’re doing then fix it, do something else, find what you want to do and then go for it.”

Students preform multiple times a year, Raegan and Sabrina will both be in a few more shows including the main stage performance.

The departments big musical is April 6-8 at the Van Meter Auditorium. It’s called 9-5, a show written by Dolly Parton.

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