Preston Fitness Center upgrades old equipment

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By Madison Martin

Day and night – it’s hustling and bustling at WKU’s Preston Fitness Center.

They plan on keeping it that way, partly by making sure their equipment stays state-of-the-art. The fitness center recently completed some installations of new equipment for both their strength and cardio areas.

“We’ve had our strength equipment since this building was actually built…and it was going out of warranty and being used a lot,” said Andrew Jones, fitness coordinator for the center. “We have about all the same pieces that we did before, because we had high satisfaction with the equipment that we had in place.”

Along with replacing some of the weight lifting equipment, staff revamped the cardio section with new Precor ellipticals featuring modern design.

“Just like the strength equipment, they’re more bio-mechanically correct,” Jones said. “They have a converging and diverging footpath which mimics the structure of the hip joint a little bit more accurately.”

Colton Spencer, a WKU student, noticed the difference in the weight distribution of the new strength training equipment.

“A lot of the equipment has like individual arms, so it’s no longer a singular bar,” he said. “You can use the full weight for one arm or both arms at the same time.”

Another feature of the new ellipticals is an ability to connect to the internet, something one student and staff member said should encourage decreasing cell phone usage while working up a sweat.

“…that could be like a hazard while you’re on the cardio equipment,” Destiny Stearman, student fitness center attendant, said.  “So just having internet access is a great way to get people in here and be more active.”

Jones said the center had more ideas for adapting and evolving what Preston had to offer to the public; but for now, they’ll keep gathering data regarding further equipment changes.

“What we’re going to do is really plan for the future by putting out more demos to see if people are interested in things later on and see if other fitness trends are catching on here,” Jones said, “because the last thing you want to do is invest in something and nobody use it.”

Jones said the fitness center will be putting out satisfaction surveys soon to continue researching and analyzing feedback for decisions on future purchases.

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