Hope on The Hill


By: Candice Madden

Video Credit: Monica Brown

The start of May means finals are fast approaching and summer is finally here.

May is National Mental Health awareness month and WKU’s Housing and Residence holds the Hope on The Hill event.

Jacey Fears is a sophomore and says the event “Is about mental health awareness and positivity and just learning how to be aware of what other people could be going through and how to cope with that and how to help with that.”

People that attended were required to visit all of the different booths to learn about mental illness and different ways to cope. Hope on The Hill identifies a slew of different illnesses, like self-harm and body positivity.

After completing all the booths, participants were able to tie-dye a shirt.

According to the National Alliance, 1 in 5 will experience some sort of mental illness, and 60-percent did not receive help last year.

The stuff of HRL say that “This year we’re trying to make it bigger and better and more appealing and receptive to students. So we’re hoping to make something annual and that’s where we came up with Hope on the Hill.”

If you’re struggling with mental illness talk to a doctor, talk with friends or visit the Testing and Counseling center.

If you’re struggling with mental health you can talk to your doctor, reach out to pears or you can visit the Testing and Counseling center on campus.


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