WKU’s Ag Department Fights Battles with Mother Nature


The weather has been very inconsistent as of late, and Western Kentucky’s Agriculture Department is a victim of it. Plant science majors are learning how to maintain the vegetation on a farm, and make due of what Mother Nature throws at them.

“The least favorite part about farming I think for most people would be the weather,” says Todd Willian, an Agronomy Professor at WKU. “In small areas people can try to cover their crops if their real small, like in a garden or in a backyard to try to protect them from weather that’s too cold. But on a large scale like, this farm and many others, we’re pretty much at the mercy of Mother Nature.”

Professor Willian emphasizes to his students that it’s important to learn how to sustain the farm’s produce in all weather conditions, so they can apply it in their future careers.

“As far as crop science, planting at an appropriate time, fertilization, pest control, and other in-season maintenance activities. We can teach those kinds of things, and that would good practices for anyone to follow.”

Spring time is generally a difficult time for farmers, because the weather is unpredictable. However, Professor Willian knows how to counter every move that nature throws at them for the good of the farm.


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