SGA Student Reparations



By: Candice Madden

Video credit: Simone Young

The Student Government Association at Western Kentucky University is stirring up conversations and attracting attention from all over the United States.

Andrea Ambam one of the authors of the resolution says that “I got tons of backlash” because of the nature behind the resolution.

Ambam was interviewed by Tucker Carlson at Fox News where she states “The idea is not that it would hurt anybody it would help people. Wait hold on let me stop you there I don’t think everything you’re saying is crazy or anything but the idea that no one would be hurt by preferences for some, doesn’t really hold up if I have three kids and I give two ice cream and not the third. I’m kind of hurting that kid.”

Ambam says that due to the negative backlash from the SGA decision she says that “I knew people were going to be trying to get in contact with me.” She explains that she even Googled herself to make sure no one could find her home address or personal information.

To summarize what the resolution entails, the SGA decision will give reparations to African American students which includes full and free access to college.

Ambam says that “the goal was to step up with a demand to start different conversations that could bring diversity to college campuses.” The overall amount of African American students at top tier universities has fluctuated in the last 20 years.

Ambam says that she hopes actual policies will take affect to help minority students.

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