WKU Green Space and Construction


By: Candice Madden

4 April 2017

On the hill at Western Kentucky University construction is an everyday occurrence.

Many students and faculty are used to the slow moving changes to green spaces and living facilities around campus.

WKU has 30 miles of sidewalks, 48 acres of parking lots, 47 acres of buildings, 32 acres of trees and 72 acres of green space.

Bryan Russel, the Chief Facilities Officer at WKU, says “We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the state of Kentucky.

The universities main priority is to improve The Gordon Ford College of Business.

Russel says, “The new business college will be located on the Adams Street parking lot.”

To make up for the loss of this parking lot, parking structure four and P-S 3 are in the process of being built.

Also, part of the project is to build another parking garage that will be located on Kentucky Street Lot. The classes that currently take place in Grise Hall will be relocated to the new business college building while Grise is being updated.

Construction in the Valley is mainly due to the new dorm “hilltopper hall,” Russel states, “We’re not adding beds to the University, we’re actually replacing the beds.”

The universities plans will be completed in the next couple of years and will cost around 97 million dollars.

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