WKU Green Space



By: Candice Madden

The main question circulating around campus is “Are they really cutting down all of these trees?”

Students will find pink and orange ribbons tied to trees in the center of campus.

student, Michael Wheatley, says “I wanted people to think these were coming down.”

The school has participated in Green Space activities for quite some time to draw attention to these areas.

The campus is slowly making changes to create more green spaces. In the year 2000 a parking lot is now a green space and they have removed a few roads to make way for trees and sidewalks.

The continuation of construction has some students fearful of loosing precious green space, but facility officers say not to worry. Bryan Russell, Chief Facilities Officer at Western Kentucky University, says “If we take a tree down, we have four people sign off on it” and “If we take a tree down, we always plant two trees back.”

W-K-U has around 207 acres and dedicates 72 acres to green spaces.

The university plans to have a green space budget in place April.

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