Gatton Academy Students Advance to the National Science Bowl Finals


Karthik Vishnu, left; Patricia Thompson, right


A regional championship in the 2017 National Science Bowl may be a win for Gatton Academy, but for seniors Patricia Thompson and Karthik Vishnu it’s a push towards their futures.


The National Science Bowl is an event where students compete in the fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering. Thompson describes it as a creative way to get high school students engaged in learning about science.


“It’s sort of a fast paced competition where they ask toss-ups and bonus questions of different types of science categories, and you buzz in and answer them,” she said.


Trying out for the National Science Bowl isn’t an easy process. Karthik says it took nearly a month and a half to be considered as a participant. “Anybody who was interested could sign up…and the people who had the highest rankings (from answering questions) were put into the top 3 teams.”


Making it to the finals is a great accomplishment, but both students are using this moment to broaden their horizons.


“I think for me it’s like a good chance to sort of expand beyond my specific subject area, which is Computer Science. And it helps me to learn about other areas,” Thompson explained.

Karthik is using this opportunity to explore other options and to enjoy the experience. “What I want to go into, which would be Medicine, is not overly applicable to a Chemistry and Physics person… and also to have fun and see how well I can do.”


Patricia and Karthik will participate in the finals beginning on April 27 in Washington, D.C.


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