The flu hits Warren County


Written by: Candice Madden

The flu is spreading at alarming rates in Bowling Green and surrounding areas.

Public schools are taking precautions to prevent further sickness. This season’s unseasonably warm weather has not stopped the flu and other winter illnesses from hitting Warren County classrooms.

A selection of schools from surrounding counties are closing their schools due to absences.

Warren County Public Schools Chief Communications Officer, Morgan Watson, says “think at our core it’s about our number one priority, which is student safety. So at any point, if we fear that students would be getting sick by entering the buildings where their health would be in jeopardy obviously we would take those measures.”

Bowling Green is the fourth largest district in Kentucky and has more than 16,000 students. The safety and overall health of the students is a major concern for everyone involved.

Watson says “We have an amazing staff of custodians and facility managers who go in who are cleaning the schools all throughout the day when students are inside the classroom. We also have nighttime custodians in all of our buildings who are obviously doing the same thing but are really getting in and being able to make sure that the facilities are clean, really able to sanitize when we don’t have students in the building.”

Parents are advised to keep their child at home if their child is sick.

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