Group X Instructor Pledges Entire Salary to Charity

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There aren’t too many working college kids who would be willing to give up their entire salary, but one Western Kentucky University student is doing just that.

WKU junior Hannah Wilson spends every free moment at the Preston Center. When

Wilson isn’t exercising on her own, she can be found instructing one of her five weekly Group X classes.

The students who work as Group X instructors get paid to teach the classes, just like any other job. However, Wilson is donating her earning straight to charity as a way to both give back to the community, and motivate more people to exercise.

“God blessed me so much last year when I was having financial issues. I’m lucky to have my school [tuition] paid for this year, so why not give to those in need?”

A Group X attendance competition is being held between the WKU sororities. With winning, comes prizes. But the biggest prize of all, is Wilson’s earnings to the winning sorority’s philanthropy.

“I just want to motivate people to exercise, to keep coming back,” said Wilson.

Wilson currently teaches a mix of Zumba, Insanity, kickboxing, and totally toned classes.

The spring 2017 semester Group X schedule can be found at

(photo provided by Hannah Wilson)

by Madison Ogg

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