A Car Dealership Changes Homeless Teen’s Life


A car dealership’s general manager talked to a homeless teenager, and by the end of their conversation he was offering him a job.

“He comes up to me, and I’m like ‘Man I know this guy is just gonna try and bum money off of me or a cigarette or something like that’… He never asked for anything,” said Bryan Metzger, Used Car Warehouse’s general manager.

Bryan talked to Jesse Moore for an hour in a parking lot of a hotel that they were both staying at. He learned that Jesse was living day-to-day working miscellaneous jobs.

Moore earned $70 a day “under the table,” and 60 would go towards his nightly hotel fee.

Bryan invited to Jesse to come to the car dealership he worked at to see if he would be interested. But he didn’t show up.

“I was disappointed,” Metzger said. “That (next) night I get a knock on the door. It was him, and he says ‘I’m really sorry I didn’t meet you yesterday.’ I’m like ‘yeah that was odd. What happened Jesse?’”

Jesse went to go work for a road crew in Portland, TN, but his transportation backfired on him, and he walked 10.5 hours in freezing temperatures back to Bowling Green. After only sleeping for 3 hours that night, Jesse still managed to go work on the roads again the next day.

Bryan was amazed by Jesse’s work ethic. Although Jesse had never worked with cars or owned a driver’s license, Bryan knew that he had to hire him.

Now Jesse is working in the detail shop while he trains for a sales position. The dealership has helped him get an apartment, and is in the process of helping him get his driver’s license.

“I hope to be here for a very long time,” Moore added.

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